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Different types of gas springs can be found everywhere. We have talked about the versatile use of these smart helpers in several articles. Cars, furniture, industrial machines, hatches, as well as all the gimmicks that have something to do with lifting heavy things. Today, we will look at another sector.

We’ll hold you up

In addition to lifting things up, gas springs hold them in the upper position as well. Reliably, without fear of falling or injury. Our gas springs are most commonly used in cars and agricultural machines. A large number of customers purchase springs for the heavy industry, to hold up various platforms, for work in line production in large factories, and for easier handling of goods when transferring them between lines. For example, in car production, gas springs are present from the very beginning of production to the end of each car’s life.

Other uses

Although at SETRO we mainly focus on the industrial and agricultural sectors, there are always new ways of using gas springs. In addition to the previously described departments of health and services, as well as office chairs, the world of fitness and bodybuilding is also worth mentioning.

In this case, the strings “help” us in a slightly different manner. However, they still contribute to the comfortable use, namely of fitness machines. They provide us with support, such as when getting on certain machines, but also when setting them for our desired use.

The quality of this product is also demonstrated in this case, since it holds out for hours under the weight of the people in the gym, performs thousands of moves and yet works reliably. So gas strings in fitness equipment don’t give our springs a poor reputation either.

Choose from our catalogue

In our offer, you will find a large number of sizes and types of gas springs that we have in stock immediately. In addition, we can deliver goods that we don’t usually sell, and we can also agree on a regular pickup of large quantities. Message us with your request, and we will surely find the solution right for you.

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