Why and under what hoods do we find gas springs?

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For you, gas springs are probably associated with to the rear trunk of the car. Not surprisingly, a normal person hardly encounters them in other places. If we exclude furniture and the heavy industry, there are still hundreds of places where you can find them unexpectedly. Which transport vehicles are improved by our gas springs?

Passenger cars

Let’s start with the most common vehicle. In addition to the above-mentioned rear trunk, we can also find gas springs on the roof windows, on the doors of sports cars that open upwards, but the smartest location of the springs is clearly below the front hood, thanks to which we have easy access to the engine and can check the oil, replace the battery and perform other basic operations comfortably and without the risk of the hood falling on our heads.


Gas springs and motorbikes? Of course. Motorbikes are not just about cross and super sports. Have you ever seen a good travel Enduro with aluminum case trunks? Comfortable opening of these case trunks is ensured by gas springs. In addition, their use is also found in adjustable wind deflectors or motorcycle trailers.


Every good truck needs gas springs. Whether in a tractor cab, where it takes care of easy handling of the bed, or on a trailer where it provides complete control over the sliding platforms and various opening parts. Bus owners cannot do without gas springs either, as they allow them to open the luggage compartment easily.

Agricultural machinery

We can find the highest amount of gas springs on agricultural machines. All windows in tractor and harvester cabins are fitted with gas springs. Their use, however, does not end in the cabin, for we can find them on the hoods and other moving parts of these machines, not excluding complicated machines for grape harvesting and soil cultivation.

Get inspired

Do you want to improve your car, van, or motorbike? Gas springs are the accessory that you’re still missing. Order new springs today and you can make your favorite vehicle top-notch in just two days.

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