Where are tension gas struts most often used?

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Wondering about the difference between tension and other types of gas struts? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about tension gas struts…

How do they work and in what do they differ from other types?

Tension gas struts are practical and the sliding elements are low-maintenance. Their strength depends on the internal pressure in the cylinder, which is filled with gas. There is a layer of oil on the piston rod, which ensures the smooth running of the tension gas struts.

Upon the compression of the piston rod into the cylinder, it also compresses gas in the cylinder.
This results in an increase in strength. This strength depends on the cross section of the piston rod and the cylinder volume.

The tension gas struts work in the opposite manner to compression struts. The piston rod is pulled toward the cylinder with the aid of the compressed gas in the cylinder. 

Where are tension gas struts most often used?

This type of struts is used in places where it is not possible to use the compression type. The assembly restrictions often preclude the use of other types of gas struts, then you have tension gas struts.

In practice it is used in doors or access panels, which are horizontally installed. It also finds its use with different lids or covers that are opened or closed by means of thrusting.

Our offer of tension gas struts

You can find tension gas struts with a stroke in the range of 100-400 mm and a total length between 300-900 mm. We know that each customer requires a certain degree of flexibility from their gas struts. Therefore, we precisely pressure the gas strut according to the customer’s requirements, in the range of 100 up to 1200 N.

See more detailed dimensions of this type of gas struts, which can be found in the table, or read our catalog..

C – zdvih [mm]E – dĺžka [mm]F1 – sila [N]
100300100 – 1200
150400100 – 1200
200500100 – 1200
250600100 – 1200
300700100 – 1200
400900100 – 1200
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