What to watch out for when installing gas struts?

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Are you about to install gas struts, but do not have enough experience? Watch out for these fundamental principles. The installation might otherwise result in destroying the struts or unpleasant injuries.

Always pay attention to the piston

The pistons of gas struts must not be exposed to shock, sparks, chemicals or other contaminants that can damage them.

Another of the main principles is to never unclamp the piston in a vice or pliers without using safety jaws. These should be made of lead, aluminum or copper. It is necessary to be aware that the gas struts are under high pressure. When clamped in a vise the piston may be damaged.

Also make sure that you do not pollute or otherwise damage the piston rod. If you are going to paint the gas strut, skip the area of the piston and piston rod when painting. For the proper functioning of the strut, the piston along with the piston rod must be clean and undamaged. Never use solvents when cleaning.

How to proceed with the installation itself?

The gas struts should, because of adequate lubrication of the sealing ring, be installed with the piston downwards. When installing maintain a minimum slant of 15°.Also do not forget that the gas strut must not be subjected to any form of lateral pressure.

If you install gas struts finished with meshes, make a provision for the axle from 0.3 to 0.5 mm and 0.5 to 1 mm on the sides of the mesh.

Be responsible for the disposal of old gas struts

Prior to the disposal of struts you need to be confident that they remain completely without pressure. If there is still pressure in the struts you are going to dispose of, follow these steps:

  • fix the gas strut in the vice using the safety jaws.
  • using a handsaw cut the rod at a distance of 30-35 mm from the edge.
  • stop sawing when you start hearing the hiss of gas.

Don protective glasses prior to this process and cover the saw blade with a work cloth. All the gas from the strut is released only when you can move the piston without any resistance.

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