What is the secret to supplying gas springs within 48 hours?

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There’s more behind it

For this service, don’t look for any mysterious, miraculous or even corporate secrets. Quick delivery is available to you thanks to the elaborate concept, ingenious system of order processing and many other indispensable articles for indestructible chains.

Our employees’ hard work

At the beginning of the entire chain of the express addressing of the order, there is the immediate noting of the requirement for the selected goods right after arrival in the system. Our employee then checks the availability of the goods in our warehouse through the internal system and issues a request for their shipping. Corporate culture is one of the key factors that positively influence the hard work of our employees.

Huge warehouse inventory

Sometimes there is a situation when we don’t have the required size on stock. In this case, we immediately order from a foreign supplier (if not already ordered and on the way) and let the customer know. In most cases, however, we have gas springs in stock and ready for a final processing before shipment.

Our own technology for the filling of gas springs

In our company, we have a unique technology for filling gas springs. You would barely find it elsewhere in Slovakia, neither in some neighboring countries. We immediately fill the spring at the requested pressure as semi-finished product and on repletion we send it to the consumer by courier service. A quality product reaches your home with the exact dimensions and pressure you requested.

Use our service and order gas springs for home or your business today.

uppliers, we can boast of services our competitors have only searched for in vain. You receive ordered goods from us within 48 hours, but in most cases within 24 hours. How is it possible to operate such a service in the sector of industrial products?


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