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The functionality and reliability of industrial machines and other products is decided mainly by the details. In addition to the used materials and technology of production, this also includes seals and genuine fittings. Why are the Dirak fittings and seals  so popular?

Resistance to extreme conditions

Dirak fittings are resistant to high temperatures, humidity and regular handling. This is mainly due to the material that meets the stringent safety standards. The fittings are resistant to penetration of water, dust and they can be used everywhere, from heavy industry to the food sector.

Hygiene standards

These will especially be appreciated by customers in health industry and gastronomy. Dirak fittings meet the relevant ISO standards, which are necessary for the use in these sensitive areas. The fittings guarantee antibacterial properties (for example, when locking various boxes) and a smaller transfer of harmful substances. In addition, they are resistant to rust and corrosion, which is equally unacceptable when dining or in hospitals.

Maximum insulation

Insulation is not only found on water taps. Dirak seals are suitable for insulation of oil, pressure, temperature and electric power. The quality seal is the basis for the smooth production and use of common domestic things, but also, for example, in the mechanical engineering industry. These products also meet the safety and hygiene standards for use in any industry.

Reliability and long service life

To really be able to count on the fitting or seal, we need to be sure that they can last in the most difficult conditions even during long periods of time. A fitting that starts to corrode after the first contact with high temperature and humidity is not what you are looking for.

You can rely on the fittings and seals by Dirak. Choose from our offer or contact us for further information about these products.

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