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In a previous article we discussed the repair of gas springs. We came to the conclusion that repair is not possible and it is necessary to order new springs. They are delivered to you within two working days, you exchanged them and don’t know what to do with the old ones. First of all, the spring must be safely disposed of. Then you can try out these great tips on how to use superannuated springs.

Great material for home gadgeteers

We don’t recommend building a scaffolding from expired gas springs or supporting heavy racks with them. However, the material from which they are made is high quality, and you never know when a good “tube” and “rod” will come in handy. You can create various things from such components. On the Internet you can find thousands of videos, where skilled blacksmiths make knives from bearings, motorbike chains, or a steel rod. Your imagination is the limit.

I weld, you weld, we weld

The individual parts of the gas springs can be beautifully used by artists who make a living by building a variety of modern and futuristic sculptures. A statue can be formed from any material – sand, of glass, tires… so why not from a gas spring?

Don’t you have artsy and DIY talents?

Certainly, don’t throw the springs in the trash. If you don’t use them, they may be utilized by someone else. Try to offer them to a car mechanic or foreman if you know any. You never know who may be missing this component in their garage. If you’re seriously interested in using your old spring, you can offer them on the Internet as well.

Send them to eternal rest

If you want to simply get rid of the old springs, take them to the nearest collection site. They may not give you anything for such small quantities, but the springs may thus end up in some kind of recycling program and not left thrown somewhere in a landfill outside the city. Even such a small gesture can help save the environment.

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