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What is your first thought concerning the word “seal”? Probably a piece of rubber that prevents the dripping of a water faucet. Also seals for windows, preventing unpleasant street sounds from entering the household. Seals however, have a much wider use in different industries.

So many various uses

Seals are used, for example, in various industrial machines, vehicles, large pipelines (and their connections), and also on space stations. In our offer you can also find self-adhesive seals of various sizes and materials, the use of which is limited just by your imagination. Such seals are used to insulate all kinds of doors, windows, hatches, and similar lockable systems, but a skilled master can also use them in cars and other means of transport.

It is easy to insulate water. But what about hot oil?

The sealing of a water faucet in the bathroom will last several years. There is no need to deal with great pressure or temperature. Seals in heavy industrial machines, high-voltage electrical equipment or high-temperature engines and aggressive liquids must last a long time. Their failure may simply compromise the functionality of the components and cause a disorder or injury to health. High quality seals are important.

Also suitable for business

Do you have a restaurant with a large kitchen? Perhaps you would appreciate gas burners and pipes with no escaping gas. It is also important to seal cooling (or heating) boxes, the seal keeping out bacteria and dust from the street. Not just seals, but also the gas springs and fittings in SETRO’s selection are suitable for work in humid environments, in addition to higher and lower temperatures. They always retain their properties and do not succumb to the deterioration that spoils food. Our products meet all the standards required for use in gastronomic facilities.

Choose from our offer today. For more information about our products and their features, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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