The big load test: How our gas springs endured the half-year long journey across Siberia

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We refer to the lifetime of our gas springs quite often, but this is a good case in point. One of our client contacted us to tell us about the gas springs he bought for his car. It was no common hatchback for driving one’s kids to school – he had an off-road car and drove it thousands of kilometres across the whole Siberia all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

This is how you find our clients on the Internet and Facebook. This couple chose a really curious destination for their honeymoon, and even more curious means of transport. They travelled in their off-road Bronco motor home.


Thousands of kilometres across a rough land

Russian Siberia, the Gobi desert in Mongolia, devious swamps and crumbling bridges. If you want to set on such a journey, you need to plan carefully. The nomads in this story carried a considerable bunch of spare parts, and the whole car was repurposed as a curiously looking caravan. On their way, they visited Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine and other captivating countries.


Testing the springs hard

On the way across the desert with the highest altitude in the world and places where the humidity and temperature reach dizzying values, quality spare parts are a necessity. That’s why these Slovak nomads opted for our gas springs.


The happyend

Their journey lasted half a year and the couple returned home safe and sound. So did our gas springs which proved to be useful for a broad range of purposes as can be seen in the photos. Besides holding the doors and windows, they also supported the whole extension structure that served as a mobile home for the travellers on the road.

The true quality of a product only shows under long-term load, as in this case. What is your experience with our gas springs? Share with us!

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