Thanks to anticorrosive terminals gas struts have acquired new variation

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With correctly selected terminals the installation of gas struts will not be problematic in almost any situation.

Upon what depends the high variability of terminals?

Due to various types of terminals it is possible to place gas struts in almost any location. Neither confined spaces nor otherwise tough conditions for the installation of gas struts present themselves as an issue.  antikorových koncoviek.

Use of anticorrosive terminals
Anticorrosive fittings, together with anticorrosive struts, are used in the pharmaceutical, spatial and food industries, sectors in which there is contact with water, chemicals or otherwise aggravated conditions. The biggest advantage of this material is almost complete resistance to rust and corrosion, low maintenance and long life. These characteristics are, of course, also positively reflected in anticorrosive terminals and gas struts.

With the right selection of terminals for gas struts you will no longer be restricted.

Offer of anticorrosive terminals

Thanks to our terminals you will be able to attach gas strut almost anywhere. We offer anticorrosive terminals with different dimensional renderings in the following categories:

  • Terminal with M8 termination

Anticorrosive standard for struts with a piston diameter of 10 mm and 14 mm are terminals for gas struts with M8 terminals. These are further divided into two types of terminals:

  • terminals with eye grip

Very flexible type of terminals, which can be relied on at all times thanks to its high strength.

  • terminals with articulated grip 

The installation of gas struts is much easier due to articulated terminals. Terminals with an articulated grip can be found most often in cars. They are very popular because of their simple installation and rapid replacement if necessary.


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