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Are you thinking about installing gas struts into your home or car? If you don’t know what struts are used for a specific purpose, read some tips and advice on how to choose the right type.

Method of Use

Gas struts are useful in many industries. According to the type of use, you can choose from a catalog of several types of struts of different lengths, with different pressurizing, and we are also able to make the product in other material versions in accordance with the requirements.


Gas struts can be summarized into: three categories. compression, tension and locking. Compression gas struts are used for lifting any vertical or horizontal hatches and keeping them open. You can specify the required opening angle as needed. The most common use of this type is known from the automotive industry – specifically when opening the car trunk. Gas traction struts are used for the same purpose in cases where you can’t simply push the gas struts, mostly due to lack of space.


Gas struts are pressurized to values required by the customer. The pressurization force is measured in Newtons. We generally pressurize struts to a value dependent on the diameter of the piston. They are produced with a diameter of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm, but based on the specific requirements of the customer we’re also able to make struts with other non-standard dimensions. Gas struts with a smaller piston diameter can be pressurized to a lower value than the larger diameter struts.


The length of the gas strut is simply determined by the desired travel. In the case of length,the same rule applies that for gas struts with a smaller piston diameter we manufacture products with a shorter length. The shortest gas struts are manufactured with a length of 80 mm. In the category of struts with the largest piston diameter you will find products with the length exceeding one meter. For specific requirements, we guarantee the production of struts with a length other than the alternatives offered in our catalog.

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