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Advertisements, an offer of different services, event posters. Our parents learned about it from newspapers and we became accustomed to social networks and various Internet portals. Industry couldn’t do without roadside billboards, at bus stops and on all buildings. Gas springs help even here.

Bus stops

Do you regularly travel on public transportation and suburban transport? You are definitely pleased to shelter yourself at a bus stop from an aggressive sun or cold rain. Have you ever thought while reading the bus departure schedule or viewing an ad how the papers got between the two panes of glass?


An exchange of the traffic schedule has a carrier in charge, the city looking after a number of advertising, advertising companies managing most of the billboards and bulletin boards. In all cases, they will find only gas springs after unlocking and opening the cover. Handling a glass pane measuring 2 square meters in a heavy steel frame would be difficult and dangerous without them. However, the technician simply opens the cover just in this case and replaces all its contents without any concerns.

There is more to it

It’s not just about bus stops, of course. A similar procedure has also spread to buildings and interiors. Old glass coverings, which were hard to assemble and open, were replaced with new ones. Those are just necessary to unlock and the gas springs will take care of a simple opening.

Facilitate your work

Do you own a restaurant and are you replacing the paper with a daily menu on the bulletin board in front of the building each morning? Are you struggling with an old rusty cover when exchanging new items and announcements in a panel building? Equip them with a handy and discreet gas spring and you don’t need to worry about your bulletin board falling and breaking.


We offer gas springs of different sizes and with different lifting power. If you won’t find some gas spring in our assortment, please contact us and we will manufacture a precisely tailored one for you.

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