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In this article you will learn how locking gas struts function, in which case they should be selected and where it is most convenient to purchase gas struts.

How do locking gas struts differ from other types?

As the name suggests, this type of gas struts can be locked in the requested position. Gas strut locking is possible thanks to an integrated valve that separates the oil part from the gas part. The valve is located in the oil part of the strut and blocks the flow of gas between the two sides of the piston.


The mentioned valve, used for locking the gas strut, can be adjusted so that your gas strut locks exactly at your desired position. Locking gas struts can be locked either by tension or pressure. The gas struts move in this locked state only if the pressure is higher than the pressure inside the piston is put on them.


Of course, if a gas strut is not locked, it works just as reliably and smoothly as other types of struts. It sets the valve locking using the valve works thanks to the control pin, which extends from the piston through the piston rod, relatively simple.


Do you need your gas struts to arrive on time? We know that our customers often can’t afford to wait in vain. That is why you’ll receive your goods in the Czech Republic within 48 hours, in Slovakia even within 24 hours. Any claims are handled maximum within 3 days.


Our quality range is guaranteed through deliveries from leading companies such as DIRAK (Germany), PINET (France), EMICO (Germany), WEH (Germany). In addition, we have purchased the production technology to produce gas struts by the certified firm BERTHOLD MARX.


Also, we guarantee our customers that the products are environmentally friendly and excel with their high quality and reliability.









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