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Most of us do not realize how gas struts wear out over time. Have you ever changed gas struts in your car? If your trunk does not stay in the top position or opens too slowly, it is time for the purchase and installation of new struts.And today we’ll tell you how to do it..

1.  Choosing the right gas struts

First you need to measure the length of your old struts and purchase new ones according to that. Installing shorter or longer gas struts can cause problems – the trunk would not open fully, or it would not be possible to close. In addition to the size and type of gas struts, don’t forget about properly pressurizing.The seller will advise you on that.

2. Dismantling of old struts

Invite someone to help who will hold the trunk open in the top position. You don’t
want the trunk to fall on your head during installation. First remove the safety plate that covers and holds the head of the strut. Simply lift it using a screwdriver. After its removal, pull the head of the strut from the pin. Perform this process on both ends of the gas strut.

3. Disposal of old struts

The installation of a new strut is even easier than its removal. Simply fasten the new gas strut onto the bolt and secure it with the safety plate, which, in most cases, automatically locks itself. In this way you fasten both ends of the gas strut on either side of the trunk. It is said that it is better to see something once than hear it a hundred times. Watch this simple and short video, thanks to which the exchange of struts will be a game.

4. Disposal of old struts

Gas struts must be left without pressure before disposal. When sawing the rod to discharge the pressure, you need to keep some security measures. Only use a handsaw and cover it with a cloth when sawing. Interrupt the sawing if you hear the typical sound of pressure equalization. Most importantly, do not forget about goggles.

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