Repairing gas springs: Is it worth it at all?

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We are used to simply replacing broken things with new ones in this consumerist era. However, many people are still resorting to repairing broken things and avoiding constant shopping. What about repairing of gas springs?

Neither DIY persons nor car mechanics will help you

Gas springs are not just a product someone would want or know how to repair. No service is able to obtain spare parts or seals. The technology of gas springs production is very complicated and surely no DIY person has a filler for pressurizing gas springs at home. Even if someone would manage to repair a gas spring, they would not be able to pressurize it in the correct manner.

Limited service life

Gas springs are consumer goods. They have a limited number of lifts and simply wear out over time. The easiest way is to compare gas springs to tires; even those you would not repair because it makes absolutely no sense, and what is most important, would never attain the properties after repair new products have.

Still want to repair?

If you are still decided to repair gas springs after all, get ready to pay for the repair for at least the same amount as for a new spring. Thus, in financial terms, it’s not worth it at all. You will wait for the repair a few days. If you order a new spring from us, we guarantee its delivery within 48 hours. This will give you a completely new gas spring pressurized according to the required values.

Do not hesitate and use the services of the SETRO company

We serve customers with small orders, but we can also supply large consumers of gas springs. We pressurize all precisely customized gas springs and thanks to the large stock, we can deal with an order within 48 hours. The high quality of our gas springs will convince you that the repair of an old one does not make any sense. Contact us and we will help you choose the exact size and pressure for your new gas spring.

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