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In articles on our blog we often mention how gas struts help in the household. But do you know where else they are commonly used other than the car or kitchen cabinets?

Clean and practical pool

Backyard pools are still popular, and their ownership is also associated with annoying and unpopular maintenance. Many people solve the problem of pollution using various chemical substances, some reaching for good old mesh. Those who use a cover must always struggle with its great weight when opening and closing the pool. At these moments, the most useful helper are gas struts, which make the opening much easier.

Get into the attic and the basement easily

You know it from the movies, you know it from life. Hardly accessible attics and basements, which you can access through small and narrow trapdoors. These doors can almost be considered an enemy, because they often manage to fall on your head or catch your fingers. It must be clear that when using a gas strut the enemy becomes an ally and you will get full control over trapdoors.

Not just for men

Let’s be honest. An article about gas struts is mostly known to men. A handy guy will install a gas strut wherever he can. However, women can also appreciate them. Ladies who need to enter the already mentioned basement, uncover the pool or lift the heavy lid of a septic tank know how much such steel lids weigh. In short, struts deliver the power of a man even to a woman and the lifting of heavy things is a snap!

Windows and garages

Hinged windows, garage doors and basement windows. These are all hatches which you open and whose opening is physically demanding. We can make a precisely customized gas strut for any such cover. Read other articles on our blog as well – for example, the latest one on a truly creative use of gas struts.

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