Not only in cars and on the kitchen counter, gas struts can be utilized in other ways as well

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Gas struts can really be used anywhere. Sometimes you can find them in places where you absolutely wouldn’t expect them. Get inspired by extraordinary ideas from the world.

Cases and trunks for musical instruments

An interesting way to keep a wooden guitar or a saxophone trunk open. Then you can take out the instrument with both hands or perform its maintenance right in the case without having to worry about pinched fingers.

Cleaning of hard-to-reach corners

Gas struts are used in various types of covers – that you already know. Did you think of mounting them on the doors of the sanitary unit? Or, do you need to get into the space behind your fireplace? With gas struts it’s easier.

Decent dining in a studio apartment?

The lack of space in small apartments is a common problem, difficult to deal with. How about hanging the table board and chairs on the wall and bringing them down only during lunch? For the easier handling and retention of a heavy board at a horizontal level, consider installing gas struts.

Standby shelf in the workshop

Similar use as in the previous point, but instead of eating you can use the shelf or table to work. Bring out the handyman in you and begin with the installation of gas struts in your workshop.

Bed and couch

Wall bed at the cottage? A great way to save a lot of space. What about a heavy couch or sofa with a storage space? With gas struts they will open much easier!

Think about the exterior as well

Not only windows, but even shutters open easier with gas struts helping you. Besides these, you can consider the installation of a modern garden shed, which can be opened and folded easily at any time.

Protect your valuables

The last idea surprised even us. A small gas struts mounted on a painting that hides a safe built into the wall. As you can see, imagination knows no boundaries even in the installation of gas struts!

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