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Looking for technical data on gas springs? Gas springs are mechanisms with a compressed gas damping effect. But how do you choose a gas spring to meet your requirements? We have prepared some explanations for you on the technical data found on the labels of our gas springs. 

What do the technical data say about the gas springs?

With a piston diameter of 6, 8, 10 and 14 millimetres, we have several gas springs available, depending on the pressure that the springs are equipped with. Anyway, how can we identify the piston diameter, pressure or maximum stroke, according to the data provided? In the picture below, we have a Setro gas spring as an example with a label showing its technical data.

The label provides the following data: Force, Article number and date of production. N is the value of the pressure and the force that this gas spring is equipped with. Based on the data provided, we see a 660 Newton pressure value. The pressure depends on how the spring is being used, and based on this data you can choose how strong spring you need.

The label also shows the product number – ST 080 VD8. This number contains important technical data on stroke and thread of the spring. Number 080 is the figure for the stroke in millimetres. The sample gas spring has a stroke of eight centimetres. D is the diameter of the piston (D8 means that the piston has a diameter of 8mm) and the abbreviation V means that the spring is equipped with a thread. If that is not the case, the spring is equipped with a welded eye. Date of production is important in case of a claim, since each gas spring is covered by a one-year guarantee from the date of its pressurizing.

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