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Do you need new gas springs and do not know how to measure the old ones properly? See our guide, in which we describe in detail all the measurements that need to be measured to determine the correct type of gas spring.

Measuring according to type of gas spring

The first type of gas springs are springs with welded mesh at either end. With this type of springs, we measure the total length from the centre of one mesh to the middle of the second mesh.

The second type of springs are terminated threads. In this case, we measure the length from thread to thread (without the thread itself!).

Both types of gas springs are measured in a fully distended state. Also in our catalogues, the total measured length is marked by the letter “E”. Measure the length as accurately as possible; a short or too long strut could create problems when opening and closing your doors, trunk or hatch.

Do not forget other measurements

Springs, of course, also vary in diameters, but this does not change the way you have them measured. Another important dimension is the diameter of the gas spring piston (this is the thinner part of a fully unfolded gas spring).

Equally important is also the size of the gas spring’s stroke, which we usually mark with the letter “C”. This is measured differently for both types of different struts.

The last important information is the pressure of the gas spring. Do not give a uselessly high pressure. It could happen that the relevant hatch cannot even close.

A gas spring is fully defined with this information.

See the catalogue

If you are still unsure about the correct way to measure gas springs, have a look at our catalogue, where you can find all the mentioned dimensions written and graphically displayed in a corresponding photograph. You will see nicely, like how the gas spring stroke is measured in different types of springs.

Can’t help yourself? Contact us

If you are having problems measuring gas springs and do not know how to define some of the data properly, do not hesitate and please contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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