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When buying gas springs, you will obtain guarantees for their functionality. Part of the responsibility for their service life, however, remains in your hands. Gas springs require occasional care to ensure trouble-free operation even in difficult conditions.

Regular cleaning

Do not worry. You do not need to polish a gas spring with special preparations every day. However, if you vacuum your car and treat it with a bath in a professional manual car wash, do not forget to lightly clean the gas springs. If you have gas springs installed in place where there is a lot of dirt (various covers in the garden that can easily be contaminated with clay and mud), pay more attention to cleaning.

Beware of humidity

We do not recommend exposing gas springs to an excessively humid environment. Our springs will of course last if you open a trunk in the rain and take the purchase out, but if you install them in a place that is regularly flooded, corrosion may appear very quickly.

Extreme temperatures are no good for springs

We are pointing out extreme temperatures. The gas in the gas springs, of course, transforms its properties with any change in temperature. But for sure you know that the springs also work well in winter at a temperature of – 20°C. In the summer, a parked car can overheat up to 70°C and the springs are still working. However, do not assemble the gas springs near strong heat sources such as bakery ovens and so on.

To grease or not to grease?

Springs can also endure in a natural environment without greasing. After all, if they are often dirty and it seems to you that the joint has deteriorated momentum, feel free to alleviate it with a drop of grease.

Gas springs for extreme conditions

If you are concerned about the lifespan of gas springs, see our offer of anticorrosive gas springs. Those are also intended for conditions requiring increased hygiene and are also exposed to the worst conditions (in the kitchen and the like).

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