How does the pressurization process of gas springs work?

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In order to be sure that the products we deliver are of the highest quality, the gas springs are pressured by us. This way, we can ensure that each customer gets exactly the product they ordered.

Since gas springs have a large range of force to which they can be pressurized, it is preferable to perform the pressurization specifically for each customer. For example, a gas spring with a piston diameter of 8 mm and a stroke length of 60 to 160 mm can be pressurized with force in the range of 50 to 750 N. This provides for a large number of combinations across the assortment of struts. Nevertheless, we can deliver the specific custom product to every customer.

All begins with the force

The first step is to determine the pressure force of the spring. This is an important factor because the poorly determined pressure force of the in the spring could result in a reduction of the spring efficiency or some undesired operation.

For a reliable determination of the pressure force of the spring, it is necessary to know and determine the following parameters

  • N – number of springs that will be needed to manipulate the object,
  • RH – length of the object (in meters) which it will be handled,
  • m – weight of the object (in kg) which it will be handled,
  • x2 – the distance between the point of rotation of the object and the point on the object where the spring will be anchored.

The spring pressure (F1) is then calculated using the following formula:

F1 = ((m x RH)/(2 x N x x2) + 5) x 9.81

The resulting value is expressed in Newtons (N).

It is also necessary to determine the length and diameter of the spring

Depending on the necessary pressure force of the spring, it is then possible to determine the appropriate piston diameter. For example, springs with a cylinder diameter of 6 mm and a stroke of 20 mm can be pressed to a maximum of 250 N. The length of the spring / stroke is determined by the customer according to particular needs.

Gas springs

After determining all the important values, the actual pressurization of the spring is realized. The empty gas strut is inserted into a pressure vessel that is part of a certified device for filling of our gas springs. Nitrogen is injected into the pressure vessel, which subsequently enters the gas spring via a one-way valve (the volume of the injected nitrogen is, of course, proportional to the required pressure of the already pressurized gas spring).

You can rely on us

This process can not in any way be done at home by you. Not only because there is a need for special tools, but you also need a lot of experience. We have been pressurizing gas springs for many years and therefore we know what to consider in each situation. So please contact us. We will deliver the highest quality product with the features according to your specific needs. If you are not sure, we will also advise you on the most appropriate model.

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