How does the cross-section of a gas spring look like?

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You use gas springs daily. They help you at work, while cooking, shopping and during repairs. In recent years, they have become an indispensable aid of every do-it-yourself person or housewife. How does such a gas spring look like and what does it consist of?

Whole range of components

A gas spring is a small and handy invention. Its development, however, has lasted only a few days. Gas springs have undergone decades of attempts, improvements and changes to achieve current functionality and reliability: various types of seals, various types of gas, a wide variety of materials for the manufacture of the piston rod and the cylinder.

Nitrogen is used as a filling for gas spring pressurization. Multiple seals on the cylinder and the piston prevents it from leaking. Gas spring, however, can also be dangerous – particularly when a cylinder is damaged. Gas may leak and damage the environment, and also hurt you. We wrote in our article about gas springs installation concerning the proper disposal of old gas springs.

To better imagine

They say it is better to see once than hear something a hundred times. Therefore, we have (and so you can better imagine) prepared a simple image on which all the important parts and components of the gas spring are labeled. As a result, you will avoid confusing the piston rod and piston as well as the end with seals.

plynová vzpera



doraz- end



valec – cylinder

vŕtanie – drilling

piestna tyč-piston rod

tesnenie – seal

tesnenie- seal



 Quality in first place

In our company, we decided to choose the path of quality. You will find only the highest quality gas springs from premium materials. All our products are subject to stringent tests and are manufactured through a complex and precise process, which is protected by trade secrets. Thanks to it, we have gained a base of satisfied customers who appreciate our gas springs. Join them as well!

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