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In many cases we are not even aware that some physical activities are difficult. We consider much of our daily routine to be normal. Basically we have them automated. But how would it be if the majority of them were aided by gas struts?

1.  Just let it fall!

Just imagine. After a tiring shopping in a crowded hypermarket carrying several plastic bags to the car. Gas struts ensure that your trunk does not fall on your head, does not hurt you, does not squash your fingers or crush the tomatoes and eggs in one of the bags.

There are many uses for gas struts, however. Have you ever looked at a hot dog or ice cream cart? Or the increasingly popular tricycle with coffee? Venders have their mobile stations with refreshments for customers simply open thanks to gas struts.

2) Again and again

Repetitive activity is usually also very annoying activity. It does not matter whether you open a tractor window 30 times a day, a cooler with pastries in a confectionery 200 times a day or the shifting of a transport box with materials and components 400 times a day. A small, inconspicuous gas spring makes this routine more enjoyable and reshapes it into a simple and particularly effortless process.

3) Can you for a second, honey?

After reading this article, go to the house, garden or apartment and count how many different (heavy) hatches can be found at home. From the trapdoor to the attic, trapdoor to the cellar, inspection pit under the car, silage pit, pit for potatoes, channel hatch…

All hatches save space, but handling them in many cases is actually impractical. A genuine steel hatch weighs several dozen kilograms. Why bother with your own hands? Don’t hesitate. Help yourself in life with gas struts.

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