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Gastronomy is another sector that has quickly succumbed to the lure of gas springs. Cooks, butchers, waiters, street vendors and also various sellers of delicacies use them in daily practice. Let’s have a look at all the places where we find a gas spring in combination with food.

In the home kitchen and also hotel restaurant

The most common type of gas spring usage in connection with gastronomy can be found in any modern kitchen. Gas springs mounted on the kitchen counter are popular with homemakers. Their use in the kitchen, however, is much wider: for example, on windows and worktops.

In restaurants, canteens and also with street ice cream vendors we find gas springs everywhere. In large cooking pots for soup, on a cover for frozen treats, the transport of dining boxes. All the people working in these types of facilities like gas springs due to increased comfort at work.

Cleanliness is important

Hygiene in catering establishments is still strictly controlled. Our gas springs don’t even lag behind in this area. They are made of an easy-to-wash material. Also the installation and removal of gas springs is very simple. In the case of heavy filth gas springs are easily and entirely removed and you can wash them so that once again they are ready to assist in the handling of food while meeting all hygiene requirements.

Stainless miracle

The material used in precise manufacturing has another important benefit. It significantly extends the life of gas springs. Gas springs used in gastronomy are actually exposed to extreme conditions – severe frosts in cold supplies and boxes, at high temperature in cooking pots and frequent stress in boxes with raw materials. You can rely on the high quality and reliable guarantee of gas springs from the setro company.


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