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Gas springs are used not only in cars, in food storage and for opening different windows and hatches. They are also used in the production of all known and unknown articles in industry. How do they help machine operators on production lines and logistics assistant when working in a warehouse?

Engineering and automotive industries

One would first think that gas springs would find use particularly in these two sectors. A “fearless” individual would include springs in the electrical engineering industry as well. It may be surprising, however, that they are actively used in all areas, from the production of components for air transport to food processing plants. Springs also help in the pharmaceutical, wood and textile industries. Hardly would you look for production which would get by without their indispensable help.

Assembly lines

Without gas springs, workers operating machines on production lines would never be as productive without their help. For example, the covers of most old presses need to be opened and closed manually when compressing gaskets for engine flanges. If the operator had to lift the heavy protective cover of the press after every finished piece without gas springs, they would surely feel the difference after just a few minutes. Various covers requiring continuous manual handling can be found in almost every factory. These “smart” factories have equipped them with gas springs.

Logistics and transport

We can find thousands of different boxes in warehouses that store products requiring a stay in an enclosed space. Coolers for meat or drugs are much more practical when fitted with gas springs. Gas springs don’t leave the delivery truck drivers who subsequently transport the various shipments hanging either. In trucks we find gas springs on the bed, on the hood and on all types of different stands and platforms in the cabin.

Don’t have gas springs in your factory yet? Draw new inspiration and look around your manufacturing hall. You will surely find an area where springs would be welcomed by all your employees.

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