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Technological progress in the world is unstoppable. Every year the fields of IT, advertising, banking and also engineering are bringing newer and newer innovations streamlining production processes and profits in a given sector. Our gas springs have been on the scene for more than half a century. But they still keep evolving.

Lifting, holding, helping

The primary purpose of gas springs is to greatly simplify the lifting of heavy objects and hatches, streamline work in agriculture and industry along with helping in the household: with drop down doors, windows and kitchen counters.

Gas springs are used in a variety of industries whose ranks are still growing. However they are entering the awareness of people too slowly, because they are known only from rear car trunks as “those springs that hiss.”

We have the best suppliers

Springs have been on the scene for a long time, and their producers for this period have remained reliable professionals with excellent references. Our supplier – the company Berthold Marx – is proud to have manufactured components for various industries since 1945. Since the early 70s it has developed gas springs and gained adequate expertise as well as excellence in their production, which has created a good reputation in this company. As you can see, gas springs are nothing new in the world.

Where are so many springs used?

We have written much about the use of gas springs. People are often unaware of all the alternative uses of this splendid aid. Its use can be found in the household, industrial sectors and as a chef’s aid in gastronomy. Their primary use is, of course, in all modes of transport, also helping workers in the service sector, but we can also find various creative uses of these inconspicuous rollers.


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