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Are you searching for specific industrial products, but don’t know what you really need? Are you lost among labels and catalogs and are afraid you are not ordering the right type? You have SETRO for this, where we’re always happy to advise you and find the right product for you.

We’ll find what you’re searching for

The portfolio of industrial components is so extensive that customers don’t know what they really need in most cases. Whether it’s gas springs, industrial fittings or seals, together we’ll find the exact product that suits your requirements. If we have a product in stock, we can immediately send it to you, and you’ll have it at home within 48 (or 24) hours. If we don’t have the product, we will find its availability, and we will inform you about the next step.

We´ll find the correct type and size

Know what you really want, but don’t know the right size? You can visit our store or call us by phone or contact us by email. We’ll be happy to assist you in measuring gas springs or seals. If you know the product you are searching for, you can easily find it in our catalog and then order it.

We service individuals as well as large companies

We don’t make a difference between customers at our company. A customer looking for two gas springs for their car is as important to us as a large company ordering hundreds of pieces per month. We can deliver goods quickly and reliably to anyone.

Fair approach

Our products meet high quality standards and have corresponding prices. Our pricing is fair, and you get a quality product at a reasonable price. Order our products today and join a large group of satisfied customers.

Choose Dirak ironwork or gas springs from Berthold Marx. Equip your device with a reliable component that will hold you.

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