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Gas springs are used virtually everywhere and the great demand is getting a response from a large number of vendors with increasingly wider range. But what should you know before you choose any of them?

Material is key

Material quality goes hand in hand with precise production. But it is not just the material of the visible part of springs. The material and treatment of the gasket plays an important role as well. Do you wonder why a spring no longer works at 100% after a few hundred lifts? It may probably be due to escaping gas, which reduces the pressure, and therefore the functionality of the gas spring.

Pressurization is performed according to specific customer needs with regard to the size and purpose of the springs. Proper pressurizing ensures a long life of the gas spring. Absurdly strong pressure when lifting light hatches is unnecessary and counterproductive. The hatch thus shoots up too fast and is difficult to close.

How does the warranty work?

We will provide you with a one-year warranty for new gas springs from the date of filling. But a quality spring will last you much longer when used properly. In the case of poor items, however, you can expect regular exchange of springs, which is ultimately much more expensive.

New materials for better longevity

Stainless steel gas springs are suitable for use in aggressive environments. Their use is recommended everywhere where they could be exposed to humidity, temperature variations and various other external influences. They are also suitable for places where it is necessary to ensure adequate hygiene and maintain cleanliness (covers of cooking pots, etc.). Be careful about various imitations in which anticorrosive is listed as a material, because the reality is quite different.

Accessories to gas springs

The gas springs also include a variety of protective and cleaning accessories. For longer life, we recommend using a protective pipe and dirt protection. More information about accessories to gas springs can be found in our catalog.

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