An investment that is worth it: reliability and long service life of gas struts

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The service life of gas struts is a feature we put a real emphasis on in our company. How else would we maintain satisfied customers if a gas strut lost its compressive properties after a few lifts? Sometimes, however, people get hurt by their own mistakes.

The need to save every penny

The person I’m writing about today needed new struts for their car. I was expecting them to want a quality product for their darling, which will last many years without the need for maintenance or replacement. However, the power of money is great and so this acquaintance decided to seek a cheaper alternative. On the Internet they came across “great” gas struts from Poland at an unbeatable price.

A pleasant surprise at first

After two weeks he called to say the cheap gas struts arrived, that he installed them right away and that they were functioning perfectly. Excited and satisfied, he was happy about how he bought gas struts for a few euros and considered the matter resolved. The gas struts really worked very well at the beginning, which he demonstrated with the speed of the rear trunk opening.

He didn’t have to wait long for the first problems to appear

After about two months, we ran into each other in the parking lot next to a department store where the family was loading groceries in the trunk and he was supporting the trunk with one hand. The beautiful and new “high quality” gas struts no longer worked. It wasn’t worth talking to him further on the subject. He realized that he would never get good quality for such a price.

Lesson learned

After this experience, I sat down at the computer and looked for gas struts on international websites. I shook my head in disbelief when I found Chinese struts at a discount for less than one euro. I really cannot imagine how long these struts can work.


In the company Plynové Vzpery we guarantee a high number of gas strut lifts without losing original features and up to one-year warranty from the date of filling the gas strut. So you don’t have to worry that your gas strut will disappoint you after a few lifts. First-class materials and a reliable production process is our top priority.

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