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Firma Setro

Setro, s.r.o, was founded in early 2001 as a continuation of the previous activities of the managers as natural persons in the field of industrial hinges, locks and seals since 1993.

In 2007 the company moved to its own newly built premises and greatly expanded the range of its supplied parts. The assortment composition was extended with products by the companies DIRAK (Germany), PINET (France), EMICO (Germany), WEH (Germany); there was a purchase of technology for the production of gas struts from a certified manufacturer of these types of goods, BERTHOLD MARX (France).

Since its establishment, setro, a.s. has been dynamically developing and year by year rising significantly in economic performance. Within a short time the company has built a solid market position with many permanent and satisfied customers, which in 2012 resulted in the construction of additional storage space in the company complex.

Besides the quality of its products, setro, a.s. puts a great emphasis on customer service and on minimizing delivery times, as evidenced by the guaranteed supply of gas struts in the Slovak Republic within 24 hours (in the Czech Republic within 48 hours) and claim resolution within a maximum of 3 working days.

All products distributed by setro, a.s. are produced at a high quality from environmentally friendly materials. Lasting quality is guaranteed through monitoring basic materials, their rigorous testing, and a rich quality testing program during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the satisfaction survey of current and potential customers, setro, a.s. is committed to the continuous improvement of its services with respect to the requirements of permanent customers and the innovation of marketing strategies in relation to obtaining new customers.

In terms of assortment, setro, a.s.’s offer can be summarized in the following types of products:

  • gas struts with adjustable disengaging force according to customer requirements
  • compression, tension, and blocking gas struts in many material designs on request
  • a wide range of terminals that make struts completely fulfill their purpose under specific uses
  • a complete range of locking systems – 1/2/3-point in many material designs
  • industrial sealing – slip, self-adhesive
  • industrial hinges – concealed hinges, exterior, weld and screw hinges, for glass sheets, for standardized aluminum profiles, mortise hinges, all in many material designs
  • piano hinges – steel, brass, aluminum or stainless steel material
  • industrial hinges, handles, grips
  • special safety locks for cabinet parts and switchboards
  • clamping box locks.


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