5 inventions in which you would not expect gas struts

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5 inventions in which you would not expect gas struts

Gas struts have been accompanying us for already two centuries, although many have no idea what’s going on when they hear the two words. Gas struts facilitate heavy load lifting, thus helping to easily open windows, lift beds, hinged doors in the attic or cellar. We bring you five interesting, practical and aesthetic applications of gas struts that are worth a look.


1. Help to relieve back pain

One of the greatest vices of that period is poor posture when sitting at the computer. The truth is that sometimes it is not entirely our fault because we have computers in a certain position and distance in front of us, which sometimes does not match the optimal distance between the computer and our eyes. If the computer display is not at the same level as our eyes, we either tilt our heads up or down, thus hampering our body.


To feel more comfortable, it is possible to obtain a holder for the computer screen in which a gas strut is fitted. With it, you can rotate the screen to a position in which you can work best. Of course, since the struts are filled with nitrogen, they are easy to use and can handle virtually any manipulation. This may be appropriate for screens of up to 9 kg.

2. Elegant and practical table

Are you tired of the mess on the table? You clean up and a few days later it is there again, irritating you? Then you can use the table to help you hide things when you’re not working anymore, in a very elegant way by using gas struts. This excellent design piece helps to better organize your items. In the pull-out section you can attach the necessary items, and throw the rest into the storage space.



3. A bed during the night, a sofa during the day

A bed usually takes up a lot of space, but as you can see, this doesn’t have to be so. There are beds, which “hide” in the wall, also thanks to our gas helpers. It is practical and serves especially if you have a visit. When you don’t need a bed, you retract it into the wall, and no one will even suspect that behind their back there is a place to sleep.


4. Beautiful view thanks to a strut

Placing gas struts into windows certainly isn’t anything new, but to be honest, how many of you imagined a window like this, which would provide you with a panoramic view of the sunny country? In such an environment, you would surely cook with more inspiration, in a better mood, and in summer with a helpful fresh supply of oxygen.

5. Retractable TV

On the internet you will find several videos on how you can create a cabinet into which you will either hide the television, or when you want to watch it, eject it. Using gas struts, which are located inside the cabinet, it is easy and effortless.

We wish you good luck in discovering the new possibilities of gas struts.


Photo – sources: mueller-moebel.com, modern-wallbed.com, ghost.c-view.com.au

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