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Even in the most important work – saving lives, one cannot do without gas springs. Rescue teams, including fire and police forces, need the most effective means for performing their work. One of them is also our gas springs.

Seek, brainstorm

At the beginning, we have a minor task for you. Before you continue reading this article, look at the attached picture and try to find the hidden gas springs. How many of them did you manage to find? Write an answer in the comments.

If you are looking for springs on ambulance doors, perhaps you are looking in vain. Specifically, they are cleverly placed on the “legs” of the stretcher on this photo. The clearly visible spring is, for example, on the left side under the two cables.

However, try to figure out where the gas springs can be used and why. The suitcase is passé in this case, but in the ambulance and in the medical work performance there can be found plenty of places where gas springs fit like a glove.

Hand me the scissors!

Stretchers are not the only thing doctors use them on. The easy lifting and loading of a patient onto an ambulance is a great thing, but they cannot do anything without gas springs even in a rescue standby box at work. Tool box opening is much easier thanks to gas springs. Springs can also be found in the hospital and

operating rooms. Adjustable beds, lamps and various jacks with springs are faster and easier to operate.

155, 158, 150…112

When seconds are deciding a life, every helping hand is good. The moment is known by all rescue teams in critical situations. Gas springs are therefore applied not only in an ambulance, but also fire trucks. Whatever the reason for intervention is, gas springs always help save lives as effectively as possible.

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