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We have provided quality services in the field of industrial products for 15 years. During the 15 years, we have built a name associated with quality and an emphasis on the best services. Satisfied customers are the greatest priority for Setro.

Honestly from the beginning

The Setro company was officially established in 2001 but its origins date back to 1993. Hundreds of changes have happened, staff changes and also numerous successes have come to the company during such a long time. We were very particular about business honesty and customer satisfaction in every situation in Setro. This is reflected in our achievements.

Progress is not easy

It is difficult to compete with dozens of competing companies in a large market. It is difficult to invent new innovations for even better results. However, Setro has always excelled with something that has increased our costs but distinguished us from other companies. For example, we currently have in stock the largest supply of gas springs, allowing us to distribute them in extremely short periods, even for large orders for our largest customers.

Consequentiality wins

Improving services is always important and it is a part of every internal meeting. As a result, we offer not only gas springs for sale, but also technical guidance via email or phone. In addition, we strive to meet the wishes of our customers also by processing any complaint almost immediately.

Satisfied customers

They reflect the success of our company the most. A satisfied customer will come back, a satisfied customer prefers your products, but you have to be available for satisfied customers for any problems. Also thanks to this we have the largest buyers of gas springs and other Setro products in Slovakia. We continue in this idea.

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